A Summary Of XDEFI’S Integration On OpenOcean

Deborah Crystal
3 min readFeb 26, 2022


Ever imagined the amazing possibilities of a mega protocol for aggregation that serves as a link between centralized and decentralized finance? Well, OpenOcean is that mega protocol and it opens up the door to more possibilities besides bridging CeFi and DeFi.

This project is a protocol for aggregation and one of its many functionalities is eliminating the gap inside the DeFi ecosystem. OpenOcean does this by allowing users prime access to the crypto market at large through one superb interface any user would like.

On this protocol, users get all Complete access to accumulated liquidity and sweet pricing from different DeFi and CeFi exchanges.

XDEFI, on the other hand, is a cross-chain annex with unbelievable speed and security for DeFi and NFTs from any chain. XDEFI Wallet allows you to do these three things to your digital assets from a single place:

• Store

• Send

• Recieve

Other things you can do are showcase and manage your NFTs, link your top DeFi dApps, and enjoy super speed and security on just about any chain. One thing to note here is that this wallet needs permission to read and write to web pages due to the smooth way it works in your browser. The good news is, security is a big deal at XDEFI Wallet and the project’s code has undergone meticulous testing and auditing. XDEFI also provides you with absolute control of both your data and funds.

Now that we’ve summed up the facets of both ecosystems, think of what it could mean for these two platforms to collaborate in the blockchain space. This is exactly what they have done this month. OpenOcean, in a recent update, announced that XDEFI Wallet has been integrated on OpenOcean.

Some of the multi chains this user-oriented wallet works on are Ethereum, Polygon, Terra Money, and Binance Chain.

In this article, we would outline the simple steps required to install and use XDEFI Wallet on OpenOcean.

How To Install XDEFI And Trading on OpenOcean Using XDEFI Wallet

To install XDEFI Wallet for Google Chrome, follow these four basic steps:

· Step 1: Navigate to Chrome Web Store.

· Step 2: Select Add to Chrome

· Step 3: Read the pop-up that will be displayed on the screen. After reading carefully, tap Add extension to approve.

· Step 4: Tap the extension icon at the right side of the address bar to utilize the extension. You will find your XDEFI Wallet installed and activated in Chrome in the dropdown.

Feel free to pin your XDEFI Wallet extension for ease of access the next time. you need to use it.

To trade on OpenOcean using XDEFI Extension Wallet on the computer;

· Install the extension as we’ve instructed and navigated the OpenOcean site

· Connect your XDEFI Wallet by clicking XDEFI extension and selecting “setting”

· Scroll below and select “Apps providers setting” before enabling “Terra Provider Injection”

When your set up is done;

· Tap “Connect Wallet” at the top right corner of your screen and select the network of your choice.

· Whichever network you choose will appear with your wallet address at the right top corner for you to commence swapping.

There you have it guys! A thorough summary of OpenOcean and XDEFI Wallet plus concise tips on how to install and commence trading with XDEFI Wallet Extension on OpenOcean. The possibilities are endless!

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