All about ShuttleOne’s $SZO token offering on Instaraise and 2022 new updates

  1. $SZO token offering on Instaraise
  2. $SZO on ETH/BSC/Tezos
  3. Reasons why you should hold $SZO token.
  4. Awesome updates to look forward to come next year.

$SZO Token offering on Instaraise

$SZO on ETH/BSC/Tezos

Reasons for holding ShuttleOne’s $SZO token.

  1. $SZO is the first multichain coin that makes it easy for anyone to arbitrage across many chains.
  2. $SZO is a relatively new coin that can revolutionize DeFi, NFT, and open the door to Multi-Chain verse.
  3. ShuttleOne’s $SZO token will become more widely accepted as a form of value exchange in the ShuttleOne ecosystem as time goes on.
  4. All supported blockchain protocols’ transaction fees can be paid with $SZO, the universal token for Metachain-deployed projects.
  5. Prices of $SZO fluctuate from roughly $0.03 on UniSwap to $0.10 on QuipuSwap and $0.11 on PancakeSwap according to the various AMM market characteristics. The Metachain Bridge can be used to trade on price arbitrage by moving $SZO from one blockchain to another to take advantage of the difference in liquidity.

Updates to look forward to this year.

  1. A multichain ShuttleOne Wallet for handling all your cryptocurrency needs.
  2. ShuttleOne’s non-code single API aggregator of blockchains for DeFi and Web3.0 applications — Metachain is shaping up well.
  3. Multichain capabilities in ShuttleOne’s products will be handled by two-way bridges, the first of which will be disclosed in the coming days and which will connect three different protocols at the same time.
  4. The smart contract-based bridge will initially support the Ethereum, BSC, and Tezos blockchains, with support for additional blockchains to be added in the near future, according to the developers..
  5. ShuttleOne will also be launching the Shuttleone metachain in the near future (An App store for multichain products with ready-to-use developer tools). These items are simple to use and may be incorporated into any project by developers.
  6. Also, as a community, developers can also build innovative Metachain products and list them on the store.




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