Amazing Facts You Should Know About ForthBox SocialFi Ecosystem




  1. In ForthBox, players can not only earn money by playing games, but they can also build a community consensus process to construct a new generation of value communication networks
  2. On an open platform like the ForthBox community, users can publish articles and short movies that may be of interest to you
  3. Active users can display their community level, which reflects their engagement and contribution on the platform to some extent.
  4. The ecological benefits will be affected to some extent by the level, which corresponds to the amount of airdrops and the number of airdrops.
  5. The game system of the ForthBox Game Guild is a social network built on a massive chain game ecology and relational resources.
  6. Users can earn money by participating in one of 15 premium block chain games that have been released one after the other, as well as organizing group competitions in the gaming guild for gold-making activities.
  7. It’s worth noting that ForthBox has a sizable stockpile of game gold guild resources, which provides reliable resource support in the form of players and traffic for the game’s development.
  8. The Social system of ForthBox products have modules such as chat room, live chat, giftmoji, and even voice translation and they form the core ForthBox social scene.

What is ForthBox’s Goal?


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