Answers To Forthbox Frequently Asked Questions

Hey Folks, today I’ll be listing out likely questions people tend to ask about the ForthBox platform and ecosystem in general and I’ll also provide answers to these questions. If there are more questions you need answers to, don’t hesitate to drop it on the comment section and I’ll most definitely answer them.

First of all, it is important that you get yourself conversant with ForthBox amazing innovations which is the leading and world’s first platform to combine the GameFi+NFT+SocialFi in its ecosystem, which gives users amazing opportunity to not only play and enjoy themselves but also to earn unlimitedly. It’s too cool for you to miss out, trust me. Make sure you read this article till the very end. If you don’t, I’ll know………. 😳😳

Here are the questions and answers to said questions.

What is ForthBox?

(lets start easy, shall we?😁)

ForthBox is a Web3 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider that supports all blockchain games. ForthBox make it simple for users to convert traditional games into blockchain games by allowing them to issue game NFTs with a single click.

What’s ForthBox NFT Market?

(ohhh this is a very common question)

The ForthBox NFT Market is a secure marketplace where users can purchase, sell, trade, and hold NFTs. Carnivals, Marketplace, and My NFTs are the three modules that make up the system. In Marketplace, participants may easily exchange their lovely NFTs, and in My NFTs, they can see or sell their collections.

Is ForthBox Metaverse?

(Good question)

The ForthBox team will launch the Avatar series of meta-universe games in stages, based on its own game development DNA. All games will not issue tokens on their own, but will instead rely on the platform’s token economy to expand FBX’s application possibilities. Individual avatars can be created and used to interact with the world and “metauniverse.” They can also chat with other users and earn cryptocurrencies by playing games and gambling, purchasing artwork in virtual galleries, and attending concerts and events, among other things.
I hope this clarifies your question?

What games are going to be launched on the platform?

(I’m sure you are going to love the answer to this question)

15 Game categories are planned to be launched, the first space fighter themed concept, is still in an orderly development and are expected to be launched about one every month.

  • There is the first game (Space war) that has been launched already.
  • AVG Adventure class
  • PUZ Puzzle class
  • SPG Sports
  • RPG Role class
  • RAC Racing class
  • CAG Card class
  • STG Shooting class
  • EDU Develop class
  • ACT Action class
  • FTG Fighting class
  • SLG Policy class
  • 13, 14 and 15 are yet to be developed. (stay tuned for that) and No, I didn’t arrange the game categories from 2–12 accordingly. Thought I’d….spice things up. 😂

How do I get the ForthBox NFT airdrop of Greek mythological characters?

(It’s nothing like rocket science, I promise)

All NFTs of Greek mythological characters are generated by airdrops and I mean ALL. . Good news for users who are the first to reach levels 3, 6, 9, 11, 12, and 13 though. They will have the opportunity to get the NFT airdrop of Greek mythological characters! 🥳🥳

The quantity is 5000 common, 2500 uncommon, 1250 rare, 625 epic, 312 legend and 156 mythical, first come first served.

What’s the ForthBox Game Guild all about?

(Please don’t make me explain again after this?😀)

The ForthBox game system is a social network built around a massive chain gaming ecosystem and relational resources. Users can earn money by participating in one of 15 premium block chain games that have been released one after the other, as well as organizing group competitions in the Game Guild for gold-making activities.

It’s worth noting that ForthBox has a sizable stockpile of game gold guild resources, which provides reliable resource support in the form of players and traffic for the game’s development.

What is SocialFi?

(Let us get a general knowledge)

ForthBox is dedicated to building a Web3.0 sensation by utilizing Web3.0 SocialFi to drive traffic to games, resulting in a rich ecology of wallets, game guilds, and social interactions. Users can enjoy the joys of social contact while also earning money by participating in social engagement in ForthBox. Users can join teams to engage in game mining income brought by the guild’s NFT growth, social to earn, under the guidance of the guild president and administrators.

What is GameFi?

(let’s talk about this to better understand ForthBox, shall we?)

GameFi, often known as “play-to-earn,” combines gaming with blockchain-based funding. GameFi allows users to gain digital goods for their in-game activities through missions, trading, and other methods. Traditional games have allowed players to accumulate and trade digital assets for decades, but they may lose their investment at any point if the publisher decided to close the game or go out of business. GameFi games, on the other hand, use a dispersed network to store their assets. These work independently of any particular business, significantly reducing the risk associated with digital assets.

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