Answers To Forthbox Frequently Asked Questions

What is ForthBox?

What’s ForthBox NFT Market?

Is ForthBox Metaverse?

What games are going to be launched on the platform?

  • There is the first game (Space war) that has been launched already.
  • AVG Adventure class
  • PUZ Puzzle class
  • SPG Sports
  • RPG Role class
  • RAC Racing class
  • CAG Card class
  • STG Shooting class
  • EDU Develop class
  • ACT Action class
  • FTG Fighting class
  • SLG Policy class
  • 13, 14 and 15 are yet to be developed. (stay tuned for that) and No, I didn’t arrange the game categories from 2–12 accordingly. Thought I’d….spice things up. 😂

How do I get the ForthBox NFT airdrop of Greek mythological characters?

What’s the ForthBox Game Guild all about?

What is SocialFi?

What is GameFi?

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