Everything you need to know about ForthBox blockchain game — Space War

Hey ForthBox lovers! Today we’ll be talking about the different ways to earn rewards on the ForthBox platform while playing their first ever blockchain game (one of many 😉) SPACE WAR

What is ForthBox?

ForthBox is a Web 3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games. They enable users to issue game NFTs with one click and make it easy to transform traditional games into blockchain games.

Now, lets learn more about the Space War game…

Space War is the ForthBox team’s first blockchain game. It’s a shooting game with GameFi and NFT. Forthbox made sure that the game’s finance structure and gameplay mechanics were both unique.

Space War Starter Pack

Here are some few pointers you need to have in your bag before playing the ForthBox Space War game! Check it out.

  • In Space War, Fighter NFT is the in-game character.
  • You need to control your Fighter to destroy enemies, and collect as many coins as possible to earn higher scores (hashrates).
  • A player needs to have at least one Ham NFT, Fighter NFT and some coins (purchased with FBX) to start the game.

How it works

  • Players can unlock 45 rounds in Space War (With rewards and difficulties increasing as they do so).
  • Each game costs 200 coins, and each Fighter NFT gets five chances to challenge per day.
  • Each day, no more than six Fighter NFTs from a single address can participate in the Space War game.

Ways to earn

There are 2 ways in which players can earn reward while playing Space War game

  1. Hashrate bonus
  2. Coin bonus


There are two ways to get rewards from personal scores (Hashrates) and earn from playing games on a daily basis.

(1) The formula is (100,000+100*N)*personal hashrate/total hashrate, “N” stands for the number of Fighter NFTs participating in Space War gameplay on that day. The total hashrate will be cleared and reset to zero during 16:00pm to 17:00pm (UTC) everyday.

(2) Players can buy a mystery box with 30,000 hashrates, no limit on quantity. The consumed hashrates will not be included in daily personal hashrate.


There are 3 use cases for the coins you earn.

(1) Each game consumes 200 coins

(2) Upgrade and strengthen your Fighters

(3) 1000 coins per lottery draw and get different prizes. Each BSC address can draw a maximum of 10 times per day.

In Conclusion,

In Space War, there are 10,000 Fighter NFTs, with 5,000 N-level, 3,000 R-level, 1,500 SR-level, and 500 SSR-level.
Different rarities of Fighter NFT correspond to different initial stats, such as Power (Attack), Coins (the ability to obtain coins in gaming), Pet (the chance of acquiring in-game equipment), and HP (the chance of acquiring in-game equipment) (health). By using coins, all Fighters can be improved to a maximum of Lv.20.

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