Roseon Mobile is a crypto financial software that maintains your crypto portfolio and maximizes return across DeFi and CeFi networks.

The Roseon Mobile App’s many amazing characteristics are what distinguishes it as unique, superior, and secure, and they are as follows:

  1. Swaps
  2. Smart Savings
  3. Yield Farming
  4. NFT Gallery
  5. Portfolio Manager

Swap is an in-wallet crypto-to-crypto exchange. Swap enables users to quickly trade one cryptocurrency for another without leaving their wallet.
Swap allows you to swap crypto in your Private Key Wallet or Trading Account. Swapping from your Private Key Wallet gives you the benefits of non-custodial, on-chain trade settlement.

Roseon Swaps in Roseon Finance will search across CEXs and DEXs to find the highest liquidity with the lowest costs and offer the user with the best accessible alternatives for swapping their tokens. Traders may perform swing trades using the Swap function, while farmers profit from the low charge cross-chain swap.

Roseon Finance enables users to lend their crypt assets via the app and get interest on the item in turn. The Smart Savings feature is actually the lowest risk offerings for Roseon, where intelligent algorithms use central exchange credit networks to maximize returns.

There are two options to choose under the smart savings feature and they are:

  • Flexible Savings and
  • Fixed Savings

FLEXIBLE SAVINGS: Enables users to withdraw and deposit at any time and prices vary.

FIXED SAVINGS: Have short term maturities from one month to one year and only at the conclusion of the period may investors withdraw their cash. No early termination or cancelation is permitted before the conclusion of the period.

Yield farming is a fair idea in which users can contribute liquidity to liquidity pools and the monies gathered are utilized for market making. The protocol used for this is known as the Automated Market Making (AMM). Liquidity providers are given LP tokens in exchange for the liquidity they offer, and LPs can stake the LP tokens to gain incentives.

Users can contribute liquidity to several controlled and decentralized bitcoin exchanges in exchange for rewards. Roseon assembles the best-paying pools and assists customers in increasing liquidity without putting their assets at danger. Roseon’s algorithmic farming technology mitigates risk by selecting systems with gas-efficient smart contracts.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Unlike cryptos, they cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency. This differs from fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies, which are identical to each other and, therefore, can be used as a medium for commercial transactions.

NFTs can be tokenized versions of digital or real-world assets. In the DeFi sector, these unique tokens create digital collectibles and items that can be collected and traded in a decentralized marketplace without any intermediary. With Roseon’s NFT gallery, you can store and view your rare digital art and collectibles and sell them at favorable prices at Open Sea or Rarible.

A software tool for you to develop, manage and rebalance your cryptographic (main and altcoin) portfolio, always under your immediate command, is Roseón Finance’s Portfolio Manager. Without being dependent on third-party management or advisers, you may monitor and apply your holding strategy anytime anyday within the Roseon Finance App. The App showcases the most effective possibilities for and costs for a wide spectrum of CEXs/DEXs and may easily trade and reequilibrate the Roseon App.









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