Finalising the Spores Lab Cardano Challenge

Deborah Crystal
2 min readNov 27, 2021


Spores Network has an overriding mission – to create an NFT ecosystem that is focused around its creators, that is community driven and most importantly, borderless. As a result, they are entirely committed to supporting and even initiating growth in the blockchain community. The Spores team has been actively working to build on the Cardano ecosystem in a bid to actualize their dream of becoming a cross-chain marketplace.

In line with their mandate, Spores Network announced their Cardano Challenge to the community which was to build an NFT marketplace on the Cardano ecosystem. The challenge was supposed to run from the 1st of October to 30th of October but it got extended till the 15th of November.

Some of the details of the challenge were as follows:
The contestants had five topics to work on in the event,

  • Challenge 1: ERC-20
  • Challenge 2: ERC-721
  • Challenge 3: ERC-1155
  • Challenge 4: Marketplace
  • Challenge 5 — Lobster: this challenge was modified from the original one to use prime numbers instead (1 to 1000). This was because the original challenge had already been released for a long time and had some solutions online at the time.
  • Challenge 6: As an incentive to stimulate the creative and innovative side of the contestants, they were allowed to choose the topic best suited to them and also design and implement the logic.

The minimum acceptance criteria was that the contract must be successfully deployed on Cardano network (local or public testnesr), and that NFTs can be minted and traded. The prizes were 1 Gold valued at $400,1 Silver valued at $300 and 3 Bronzes valued at $200 each.

After looking through all the submissions, Spores Lab were able to pick a winner for the Gold prize. The winner was Phat Luu, also the most active member on the Discord learning channel, who got the the prize which was worth $400. Phat Luu made the immense effort to complete 3 out of the 5 topics in the event, you can check out his Github repo HERE.

Spores Lab has decided to assist Phat Luu with additional training and development efforts on the Cardano platform and other blockchains. With the success of this event, Spores Network will look towards setting up more challenges and contests so as to grow and attract talented individuals with keen interest in crypto and the blockchain industry.


Spores operates as a media company, utilizing an NFT marketplace and game publishing platform to engage content creators in art, games, and entertainment. With every activity carried out, we can see the revolution that they seek to bring about become a reality. Join the movement now ‼