About Epoch 3

After the conclusion of the second round, we got valuable and reliable feedbacks. We have restructured Epoch 3 to resolve the issues encountered and also to improve it.

Epoch 3: What to Expect

  • More coordination with 3 captains: G-Force did remarkably in the last epoch having only one captain. However, there is much work to do. We have about 20 members with different talents across different time zones, to make coordination of activities easier, Epoch 3 will have three (3) new squad captains.
  • In Epoch 3, the different groups/squad will still be maintained. We have a squad for Creators, Broadcasters and DAO Ambassadors. With this, each squad captain can be more focused for optimum productivity of his group.
  • New task-based rewards system: In Epoch 2, rewards were determined by voting. In Epoch 3, G-Force members will be rewarded based on the tasks they complete and the respective points collected.

Requirements of Each Squad

  • Squad Captains — This group will be the overseers of the other groups. Their role will ensure that our set-out standards are maintained in each of the other groups and also ensure that tasks are completed withing the agreed timeline. Asides overseeing, they are to work hand-in-hand with the members of their team, motivating and offering aid where necessary.
  • Creator squad — This group requires smart and creative minds who can develop appealing contents in different formats. Tweets, articles, infographics, videos to podcasts and even memes! If you are yet to find a group and any of these appeal to you, this is where you ought to be.
  • Broadcaster squad — This group will will explore various ways to spread the word about Gro protocol, including starting and coordinating social media campaigns.
  • DAO ambassadors will initiate and facilitate dialogues to promote DAO-to-DAO collaboration. This squad will get Gro Protocol connected to other reliable and resourceful DAO projects in the cryptosphere. If you fit this profile, no need for a long talk, Gro Protocol welcomes you.

Target Goals

The third epoch will be dedicated to increasing adoption of our products upgraded upon community feedback on tokenomics (Vote 005), higher yields in Vault (Vote 009), and more optimised strategies in our Avalanche-based Labs.

Working on Dework/Rewards

Each G-Force squad in Epoch 3 will have a dedicated space on Dework. On the space, squad members can create tasks, claim existing tasks etc. This will promote team work and coordination among group members.

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