How to access Gro with Argent

Hey guys, it’s another day to learn and Gro (pun very much intended). Well, with the new development between the Gro Protocol and Argent, there is actually a lot to learn. As some of you might be aware, Gro has been partnered with Argent for quite some time and just recently, that partnership has moved into the next stage.

Based on the work Argent has been doing with zkSync these past months, Gro has been introduced to Layer 2 ! That’s right, with this new development, you can get premium access to leveraged DeFi yields all on your mobile devices. With this access even comes low gas fees, really high speed and ease of carrying out your transactions. With all of these, how can you keep hesitating ? Get on that Argent train now !

Note: to use Argent in accessing Gro’s leveraged DeFi yields, you would need to have an Argent account first. So if you don’t have one, head down to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the Argent mobile app.

How to use Gro on zkSync with Argent for Newbies.

The first step, after downloading the Argent app, is to create an account with Argent. This account will also work as the zkSync address for your transactions. Then, tap on “Assets" and the “Receive” button after that. This is so you can supply funds to your Argent wallet either through a fiat transfer or from another Ethereum wallet. Once the funds have been transferred successfully, you can then move on to invest by tapping on the “Invest" button. You get to pick the stablecoin and Gro strategy you want to prefer. It’s that simple!

How to use Gro for those already with an Argent account.

All you have to do is claim your zkSync account by following the steps here. You can proceed to add funds to your Argent wallet after this, then tap on “Invest” to pick the stablecoin and Gro strategy of your choice.
Like I earlier mentioned, there will be a lot more to learn based on this new development so stay tuned as there will be more updates.

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