How to swap $SZO on Quipuswap and add $SZO tokens in your Temple wallet.

Deborah Crystal
2 min readJan 17, 2022


Hello shuttlenauts and happy new year, it’s ShuttleOne time again ! The project has been doing amazing things in recent times, one of such being the recent ShuttleOne testnet where members of the community were invited to get involved in the final products coming from ShuttleOne while doing well to share their feedback.

ShuttleOne is already widely recognised as the FIRST Metachain, a one-stop multi-chain network builder where multichain aggregators, dApps and Web3 can consolidate their products in a single interface while simultaneously building on all networks.

This article will be focusing on how users can swap $SZO tokens on Quipuswap, as well as how to add $SZO tokens to your Temple wallet. The former development comes as result of ShuttleOne’s recent entry in the Tezos ecosystem. Members of the community can also buy $SZO tokens on DoDo exchange, as well as PancakeSwap.


For those unfamiliar with $SZO, it is ShuttleOne’s utility token, which governs incentives and secures the network for token holders and liquidity providers in the mining pool.

Now, to the business of the day. We shall begin with how to swap $SZO on Quipuswap, this can be done with the following steps:
Step 1 — Go to Quipuswap via QUIPUSWAP.COM
Step 2 — Connect your wallet to the Quipuswap website.
Step 3 — Add $SZO on Quipuswap

Note: You can choose receivable token by clicking on the Swap Token button and pasting the SZO smart contract — KT1WzRVUnrJ4mNu59m9hPQZDY8Nq9JwtUbRf

How To Buy and Sell $SZO Token on Quipuswap

All you have to do here is ⤵

  1. Choose a trading pair (like XTZ/wSZO)
  2. Confirm your order. You will receive SZO tokens in your wallet once the transaction is completed.

Lastly, let us take a look at how to add $SZO tokens in your Temple wallet. To do this you must;

  • Go to your Temple wallet and click on ‘Manage Asset’,
  • After which, you click on the ‘Add Asset’ option.
  • You will have to paste the following token address on the required fields: KT1WzRVUnrJ4mNu59m9hPQZDY8Nq9JwtUbRf
  • Then you finally click on ‘Add Asset’.

With these simple steps, you have successfully added $SZO in your Temple Wallet.

I hope this article has been of some help to those who needed it and even those who had no idea about the fact that $SZO can now be swapped on Quipuswap. Head down to Quipuswap to get your swap on ! Be a part of ShuttleOne’s journey into the future, you will definitely not regret it.








Deborah Crystal