What is a Launchpad?

WingSwap Launchpad

WingSwap Launchpad At a Glance

  • Get access to early-stage sale rounds of projects on Fantom.
  • Be a platform allowing blockchain-based projects to raise capital.
  • Offer security to both project founders and investors on the Fantom ecosystem.

The WingSwap Network

The Ultimate Goal/Vision

  • To become the go-to decentralized exchange on Fantom ecosystem with multifunction integration.
  • To be the first DEX to integrate NFT on Fantom, connecting NFT with DeFi to create a new, better and more useful yield farming model for users.
  • To creatively develop and perfect its ecosystem, progress more projects including Launchpad, Bridge, NFT, Gamefi, etc.

How can WingSwap help new projects?

  • Marketing and Promoting of projects to the WingSwap’s community, investors and partners.
  • Tokenomic Design and Tokenization
  • Strategic Project Advisory

In Conclusion,

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