There are several planets outside our solar system that are suitable for human settlement and named after Kepler after nine years of gathering data from the Kepler Mission.

Version 2.0 of DeFi is now available from Kepler Technology. It will be designed to meet the demands of a decentralized financial system of unprecedented size. A freshly developed DeFi platform with fairer and more reliable participation techniques will be available. A new decentralized financial world is being created by us all, working together to achieve our goals.

KeplerSwap is a professional blockchain-based Decentralized trading platform. It provides participants with a full solution to identity security, asset security, and autonomous trading on a mix of blockchains under a Decentralized Market Agreement.

The Kepler team is motivated by the prospect of Kepler being the universe’s next ideal habitable planet. Kepler, according to the scientists, signifies a fresh beginning for humanity that is free of pollution, violence, boundaries, authoritarianism, and unfairness.

Keplerswap’s vision is to build and deploy a wide scale DeFi application platform to enable economic activities utilizing blockchain technology and continue to build upon theteam’s accomplishments and achievements since the launch of KEPLER.

The Kepler structure comprises of (12) features that makes KeplerSwap unique and they are listed below:

  1. Decentralized Exchange Protocol
  2. Transaction Fee
  3. Liquidity Pools
  4. Lucky Pool
  5. Horizontal Ecosystem
  6. Vertical Ecosystem
  7. Mainstream Coins Exchange
  8. Platform Governance Token
  9. Decentralized Lending and Flash Swap
  10. Oracle
  11. Open Technology & Innovation
  12. Open Finance & Innovation

DeFi2.0 has exceptional and tremendous vigor as the inevitable growth for future finance. As the pioneer of DeFi2.0, KeplerSwap will collaborate with all of humanity to create a new financial eco-system.





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