Keplerswap is a decentralized trading platform built on blockchain technology that offers participants a comprehensive solution for identity security, asset security, and autonomous trading across multiple blockchains.

Horizontal Ecosysteem is part of Kepler’s solid structures and below is its use case.

To ensure the long-term viability of KeplerSwap, new users must establish a referral connection with current users. While all referral connections are inextricably connected, the invitee’s income are tied with the inviter.

The invited person must carry out a first asset trade via the inviter to build a Horizontal Ecosystem based on the connection. The inviter can then earn the corresponding revenue as follows:

  1. Inviter can earn a share of the market for liquidity from his invitees.
  2. The trading incentive for direct referrals will be delivered in tokens.
  3. When theliquidity market volume of the invitee is in top rank, the inviter is awarded access to the Jumbo LUCKY POOL.

The Kepler Ecology’s horizontal relationship expands the development of KeplerSwap ecology, re-structuring how ecological members trade with each other and their networks and make transactions more convenient. In the long run, they invite more people to participate in the trade of KeplerSweap assets and receive the corresponding prizes and that will most definitely have a significant impact on the present dispersed financial system.




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