With the establishment of a strong vertical connection between users and a strong horizontal connection between all of our ecosystem members, KeplerSwap is devoted to breaking the old DeFi 1,0 trading paradigm. This makes KeplerSwap a standard trading platform.

This article helps to explain why Verticsl Ecosystem is among one of KeplerSwap’s solid structures.

In order to give greater development assistance collectively, users can invite additional individuals to take part in Community advocacy.

SPACE is utilized for vertical connections between users in a KeplerSwap environment, expanding user privileges and creating an autonomous organization.

All members are devoted to the promotion of decentralized sovereignty through SPACE. These are characteristics of SPACE:

  1. Space Creation
  2. Space Voting
  3. Space Interests
  4. Vote Counting and
  5. Vote Withdrawal

A user can submit a SPACE creation application if they have contributed to liquidity market making efforts or referred other users to participate in liquidity market making while satisfying specific criteria. The user has the right to be the SPACE Owner after the application has been accepted.

A right to vote in a SPACE election is provided to each token holder. A SPACE must be entered by each user. It is not possible to alter the SPACE once users have properly input it. SPACE can be voted on by users.

All Liquidity market prizes from its members are given to the owner of SPACE. If the owner of SPACE wins at SPACE vote, the owner can get additional compensation from the contribution pool.

The vote shall be 7 days, the first five days shall be the voting time, and the final 2 days shall be the counting period.

The votes token must take effect instantly throughout the voting time and no voting token can be removed from the pool.

KeplerSwap allows excellent Space Contribution Award owners to be rewarded. The owner of A SPACE is described as a market maker that provides the system with liquidity. Members are interviewed for the excellent owners of the SPACE. The reward consists of a liquidity contribution pool of 30 days. During adoption, KeplerSwap shall provide the members of the Community with complete governance and decision-making. The first step towards decentralized governance is making the poll function generally accessible to members.



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