Being a professional decentralized trading platform that is built on blockchain technology, KeplerSwap provides a decentralized exchange protocol running on BSC public blockchain.

Following a successful commissioning phase, KeplerSwap will provide more decentralized exchange protocols to interoperate with other public blockchains via multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation functionalities. The goal, as we know it, is to excel in DeFi technology development and financial innovation for DeFi 2.0’s future.

The fundamental conversion formula employs the traditional constant value paradigm ‘xy = k’. Using this method, the product of two currency transfers (‘x’ and ‘y’) in the liquidity pool is always kept constant at ‘k’. When a user swaps one token for another, one currency in the liquidity pool rises while another falls. As a consequence, ‘x’ coin will grow in value as market supply decreases, while ‘y’ coin will fall in value as market supply increases; coin values will be entirely governed by the market.

Smart contracts are used to implement all exchange regulations. It will ensure price transparency and openness. When the price of a currency changes in other markets, the market’s incentive effect causes users to adjust the price of the currency to the real market price through transactions, therefore avoiding the potential of dominating the market.






Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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Deborah Crystal

Deborah Crystal

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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