Nova Finance: A Quick Overview

Deborah Crystal
3 min readAug 31, 2022

In an ever-changing world there is surely the need for direction and help in whatever form that might take. In whatever endeavour people engage in, there is need for a helping hand to show the way, especially if you’re new in a space. This has never been truer than in the case of cryptocurrency.

The crypto space is one that is relatively new and emerging gradually and as such, there is not a lot of regulations or established systems that newbies can hold on to, to guarantee that they both enjoy the full experience of crypto and also make maximum returns from their investments too.

In the confusion of the Web3 and crypto space, there is one protocol that is making sure that everyone gets the best of cryptocurrency, and that’s Nova Finance. This unique crypto project is aimed at delivering the upsides of the crypto experience to all parties involved, without exposing anyone to the downsides.

Nova is a programmable asset framework that enables people to gain access to DeFi without the need to learn complex financial management skills. Users can create a portfolio of assets within the product that will auto-generate returns through yield strategies while also auto-executing on investment strategies.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Dip Buyer
    When a target asset drops significantly, the user can organize the dip buyer to convert the original asset into the target asset that has dropped. The timeframe and quantity of dip purchases are completely flexible, allowing users to capitalize on short-term spikes or double down on large long-term moves.
  • Half on the Double
    When assets rise rapidly, it can be advantageous to profit gradually on the way up in case the asset falls. When a user sells half of an asset every time its value doubles, they can protect their original investment while still enjoying the ride. In this period, combine with a yield opportunity to generate returns on both assets.
  • Transaction Count Rebalancer
    Transactions will increase in frequency and volume if an asset is popular and growing. A mature asset will typically have a consistent amount. Early stage assets are frequently experimental in nature. Users can rebalance and reduce risk with Transaction Count Rebalancer if they show signs of decline.
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
    When using a stablecoin, thr user can easily choose the asset they want to gradually buy over time. During this period, they can also combine with a yield opportunity to generate returns on both assets.

There are several other strategies that Nova has in store to guarantee the best for users, and while these strategies might sound catchy, they are definitely worth trying out. You might be wondering what this might cost the investor; almost nothing! Nova charges no fees for deposits, conversions, or withdrawals. Transaction fees, on the other hand, will apply when you interact with third-party services to set up and rebalance your portfolio.

In addition, small transaction fees must be paid in Solana (SOL) to the network in order for transactions to be processed. These are frequently fractions of a SOL, but they can change depending on network demand. In contrast, the Nova protocol only requires a small percentage of yield generation returns from users.

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