Nova Finance: Making Decentralized Finance Accessible

  • Take Profit –This is a straightforward, short-term strategy that allows you to sell a portion of your volatile crypto assets, convert them into stablecoins, and either stake or place them in liquidity mining pools.
  • Dollar Cost Average — Using this strategy, you allocate a certain amount for investing and invest it in increments at regular intervals rather than all at once. This allows you to reduce risks and avoid uncertainties.
  • Transaction Count Balancer — is a balancing strategy designed to protect investors from unwelcome risk while also providing exposure to rewards. Each total transaction value is taken and set in ratio with another asset using this strategy. It is then monitored and adjusted as needed.
  • Dip Buyer — This entails purchasing assets whose prices have fallen and then waiting for the price to rise.
  • Half on the Double — This is a strategy in which you swap half of a token when its value doubles. This strategy protects you from incurring the full loss that may result from a significant increase in the value of an asset.
  • Simple Moving Average — This entails calculating an asset’s simple moving average and then swapping your tokens based on the number of times the asset’s value has been greater than or less than the simple moving average amount.

In Conclusion

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