On October 27th 10AM UTC, keplerswap was officially launched, and the Dapp provided many defi 2.0 features targeted at establishing a comprehensive defi platform. It is the first decentralized exchange protocol to support multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation.

Keplerswap envisions a decentralized society in which the emphasis has changed from mining rewards to the development of a platform for long-term liquidity contribution. And this is possible through the following features:

  1. Award for Space Contribution: Keplerswap SPACE is a feature that aids in the building of bridges between users, with participants in the ecosystem having the right to become SPACE OWNERS / MEMBERS. Space owners are free to propose and start voting resolutions, while Space members can actively engage in exercising their voting rights.
  2. A Trading platform that is dynamic: I’m sure you wouldn’t want to pass out on a platform that has strong vertical connections between users and strong horizontal connections between all members of an ecosystem.
  3. Liquidity pool: Having more individuals contribute to the mining pool liquidity would aid the entire ecosystem Ecosystem growth, perfectly enabling the on-chain implementation of the DeFi protocol.
  4. Weekly reward pool to lucky winners: Every week, a prize pool is generated based on the top percent of users who engaged in yield farming and who also referred new users to join. This is done to encourage active users to participate in yield farming.
  5. Referral program: KeplerSwap trading is based on a referral network, and all invites will be bound for life once the relationship is validated.
    A one-of-a-kind referral program that allows users to earn money by bringing their friends to the KeplerSwap platform

In conclusion,

KeplerSwap’s vision is to create a truly open financial innovation platform. Where all participants of the platform have the ability to suggest financial advances. After the voting, all members can work together to complete the planned financial innovation.

Visit KEPLERSWAP to trade your SDS tokens and to also swap your SDS tokens. Partake in the Liquidity pool, refer your friends, families and haters and earn more rewards.

Although to be honest, I’d advice you not to sell your Seeds because keplerswap is a solid project and the SDS tokens are predicted to get to 10$ by December. (NFA) 😜








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