OpenOcean: A Glance Back and A Glimpse of the Future

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Are you ready to ride the waves of OpenOcean ?! Well, I am because OpenOcean has been nothing short of amazing these past few months. Through the highs and lows of the tides and uncertainties that faced the world of crypto in the year 2021, OpenOcean made sure to come out on top and with only the best for users of its platform. OpenOcean has built their ecosystem to provide the best trading experience you can find anywhere, with a mission to assist every trader access an ecosystem that facilitates trading more quickly and effectively in better returns and captures trading opportunities. In this article, we shall be reviewing some of the highlights from the past year and some updates from the current year. Let’s dive in.

The Meteoric Growth of the Community and Users.

If you have been keeping up with the happenings in OpenOcean, you can attest to the fact that they are very much concerned about the community and its growth. It is no surprise then that there are more than 400,000 active addresses on their platform which means a growth rate of about 5479% in just one year ! As a result of these outstanding figures, trades have also increased over the last year with the current statistics showing 1.5 million. The numbers on their social media pages are nothing disappointing either; more than 236,000 followers on Twitter, 80k+ members in Telegram and Discord combined. Fantastic, right ?

OpenOcean’s Atlantic Version

OpenOcean released this product in the last few months of the year 2021 and so far the reviews have been great. The Atlantic Version offers users superior algorithm and protocol upgrades to optimize trading for the best returns based on a variety of parameters. With the release of the Atlantic Version also came upgrades to the UI/UX and general design quality of the entire OpenOcean interface, as well as the formal release of OpenOcean’s API 2.0 for a more down-to-earth and user-friendly environment.

SaaS Products for Intelligent Wealth Management and Limit Order Functionality

One of the last activities by the OpenOcean team was the release of the Beta version of the SaaS Products for Intelligent Wealth Management. This Beta version only includes automated arbitrage and grid trading for now but will include more products in the near future. Also, the team acquiesced to the demand of the community for limit order functionality and provided this amazing feature for their traders. These tools are all provided to better position OpenOcean users to enjoy the optimum trading experience


OpenOcean’s drive to ensure the growth of their community extends to the external community too. The year 2021 saw them collaborate with a bunch of top-notch layer-1 blockchains, as well as layer-2 scaling solutions. Notable among these are Ethereum, Polygon, Solana. Terra, Binance Smart Chain, Tron and many more. These collaborations have made OpenOcean the number 1 option in terms of DEX aggreagtors and the most flexible solution available.

What to expect in 2022.

In the near future, OpenOcean plans to launch the OpenOcean VIP membership. This will include those who have traded and participated in the OpenOcean liquidity mining and staking program, and will allow users to use OOE to enjoy sophisticated trading functions.

More algorithm upgrades will be implemented on the OpenOcean platform in 2022 in order to provide better price solutions and expand to more networks. Furthermore, OpenOcean will launch cross-chain solutions by implementing $OOE for cross-chain swap gas fee, with more exciting derivative aggregation and NFT features to follow!

The future is really promising so get involved now and maximize your returns with OpenOcean !

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Deborah Crystal

Deborah Crystal

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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