OpenOcean’s Beta Launch for its SaaS Product.

Hello OpenOcean Community!

A while ago, we explored some of the things OpenOcean had in store for its users. We informed you that OpenOcean was planning to launch an early-adopter beta access to its SaaS product, a product that would initially include automated execution for arbitrage strategies between DEXes and CEXes, as well as grid trading tools for DeFi and CeFi. Well, that time has come !

OpenOcean has just launched the early-adopter beta access for intelligent wealth management SaaS products that will enhance DeFi and CeFi trading. The release was done just before the year ended to usher users into the new year in grand style. Join me as we dive into the contents of this new product.

The SaaS products for intelligent wealth management

With their position as a one-stop trading destination, OpenOcean goes beyond simply aggregating liquidity and providing the highest possible returns. They continue to create products and tools that address all aspects of CeFi and DeFi trading with digital assets. This is especially important as DeFi users are becoming more sophisticated, with a rising demand for more advanced trading tools such as those found in CeFi on CEXes.

There is a lot of segmentation and misaligned information in today’s market. As DEXes and CEXes are largely separated, with little interoperability, this can lead to a slew of inefficiencies across various exchanges and public chains. Assets can have different prices in different markets, even if they are the same asset. These inefficiencies create arbitrage opportunities between markets, which arbitrage traders profit from, and thus play an important role in balancing markets to make them more efficient. Arbitrage trading is simply a method where traders buy and sell assets across two or more markets in order to profit from price differences.

Some of the features in this just released SaaS product include automated arbitrage strategies and grid trading:

Automated Arbitrage Strategies

This is definitely a game changer when it comes to arbitrage trading. This new tool, which executes automatically for users, offers users the opportunity to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between DEXes and CEXes as they appear. With it, users can choose trading pairs from various chains and specify the DeFi price tolerance they want to accept on DEX swaps during an arbitrage trade.

Arbitrage strategies can be implemented with as little as $200 in tokens, which will be automatically traded into the assets of selected trading pairs and dispersed between CEX and DEX accounts as needed for an arbitrage setup. The tool also provides triangular arbitrage and options for different tokens within the strategy for advanced traders. In time to come, the SaaS product will be developed to capture arbitrage opportunities and aid in arbitrage trading between spot and futures, as well as to assist traders in executing CTA strategies, among other things.

Grid Trading

This is an innovation exclusively from OpenOcean. For the first time ever, users will experience the utility of grid trading on both DeFi and CeFi ! Users can utilize this incredible tool to activate trading bots that instantly position buy and sell orders for DEXes and CEXes within a specified price range. Orders are placed above and below a predetermined price, resulting in a grid of orders with steadily increasing and decreasing prices.

It is designed in such a way that users can make profit from small price movements and it works best in volatile and sideways markets where prices fluctuate within a predertermined range.
So what are you waiting for ? Take advantage and get early adopter acces to this beta version of the product ! All you have to do is fill out the following FORM to qualify

Note the following:

  • The form will be open until January 14th, 2022, at which point selected applicants will be whitelisted and given exclusive access to the beta version of intelligent wealth management.
  • Whitelisted testers who provide valuable feedback will also be granted early access to the production version.
  • The production version of intelligent wealth management will be available to OpenOcean VIP members. To qualify, just hold or stake OOE.

Stay tuned as we’ll be dropping updates as they occur !









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