Plutos Network launches Synthetic System V1.0 on Ropsten and Reward Bounty Program.

What does this mean ??

How to enter the Bounty Program

  • Plutos will choose 45 winners based on the quality of their recommendations, the possibility of execution, and the value for product improvement, as determined by Plutos’ team of developers and engineers.
  • It will be a tier-based reward system. The team will assign scores based on the aforementioned criteria and choose winners in various levels. 10 winners will be selected from Tier 1 with $500 per winner, 15 from Tier 2 winning $200 per person, and 20 users from Tier 3 with $100 each in rewards.
  • If you click the “APP” button in the upper right corner of the homepage, you’ll be sent to the APP PAGE
  • After creating your BSC Test-net wallet, you can claim a maximum of 1,000 testnet PLUT tokens in the “FAUCET” to test the product. Simply click it, and they will be added to your wallet.
  • After converting your BSC test-net PLUT tokens to Ether test-net tokens, transfer your wallet to the Ropsten network, and then claim test Ether on Ropsten for the rest of the process, as the V.10 runs on Ropsten.




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