Plutos Network Launches User Dashboard and PlutButton Game.

Deborah Crystal
2 min readOct 10, 2021

Hello and welcome to another fun time with Pluto Network !! Once again, there is great news to be shared. Plutos Network has just launched their User Dashboard and PlutButton Game !!!

What is the User Dashboard ?

Plutos has officially introduced its User Dashboard, where anyone who staked in any of their previous staking products can access real-time staking information and analytics. This is designed for helping users who have staked $PLUT tokens to better manage their stakings.

Users will be able to observe real-time data and information such as TLV, Maturity Time, Staked amount, and so on, when they connect their wallets used in Plutos staking. While everyone waits for the exciting goods to arrive, please know that Plutos has a lot of spectacular activities planned.

For the time being, let’s focus on PlutButton, a new feature that has recently been offered to the Plutos community.

How does PlutButton work ?

Users must deposit a minimum of 1 PLUT (2 PLUT is the normal setting) to press the button once. As a result, that number of PLUT tokens will be added to the Prize Pool (initial Prize Pool is 1,000 PLUT and the size of Prize Pool will increase each time a user play). The LAST person to push the button will receive 90% of the total reward pool, with the remaining 10% going to the developer. Sounds like a lot fun, doesn’t it ??!!

For more details on how to play, follow these rules:
• A minimum of 1 PLUT (the default is 2 PLUT, but you can modify this in settings) is required to press the Button just one time, and that number of PLUT tokens will be added to the reward pool.
• Each button press resets the timer to 900 blocks (approximately 22.5x2=45 minutes since 1 block is approximately 3s), and the last person to press the Button will get to win the grand prize that is 90% of the total PLUT pool. The developer receives the remaining 10%.
• It’s also worth noting that each press reduces the reset timer by one block until the reset timer is reduced to four blocks (which is about 12s). Please keep in mind that the timing displayed in the dApp is simply an estimate because each block is not exactly 3 seconds long; it can be quicker or slower.

PlutButton is really a simple game that allows all PLUT holders to have fun while winning big !! Let’s have fun ‼️