Plutos Network moves to integrate with Avalanche in Q4

Deborah Crystal
2 min readNov 11, 2021

Plutos Network, a multi-chain synthetic issuance and derivative trading platform that provides users with mining incentives and staking rewards, recently released their Synthetic System Mainnet. This came as a move by the team to increase the viability of the platform as a hub for investors of all kinds to mint and trade their high value assets. The move is sure to bring in more deliveries as users will be rewarded for their participation in farming and staking.

There’s more exciting news though …..

Plutos Network will be integrated with Avalanche in Q4 !! The integration was brought about by Plutos’ desire to create a synthetic platform with state-of-the-art scalability and interoperability attributes. This move by the Plutos team is geared towards leading the community into the next phase as stated in their Roadmap. It is also aimed at setting Plutos Network apart as a leader of the multi-chain synthetic services market, with only the best in values and products.

Juan Capilla, CEO of Plutos Network had this to say:

“We now decide to integrate Avalanche not only because of Avax’s outstanding technical features to boost up our whole system, but also we strongly believe that this integration will open up a new window for user acquisition and growth. We are expecting more down our road of developing into a fully mature multi-chain DeFi synthetic Hub. Stay with us.”

About Avalanche

Avalanche is the blockchain industry’s fastest smart contracts platform in terms of time-to-finality. It also has a plethora of validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol. Some of the features that put Avalanche at the top are that it is incredibly fast, it has a record of being cost efficient, and is very environmentally friendly. Truth be told, any app based off smart contracts stands a very good chance of beating it’s competitors just by deploying on Avalanche.

In conclusion …..

Plutos Network aims to provide its users with a stellar platform that supports synthetic issuance and trading services for a variety of synthetic products which are sustainable and profitable. The integration with Avalanche not only makes that a reality but puts Plutos Network at the top of the food chain in this market.