Promoting Mass Adoption using Nova Finance’s Asset Management Protocol.

Deborah Crystal
3 min readAug 31, 2022

The world of crypto is expanding every day. More people are coming to embrace the utility that crypto, and Web3, offers and how it advances the human experience. With the rising adoption of crypto, it has become quite apparent that there is a wide knowledge gap about how the crypto market operates and, how to properly take advantage of trends in the market.

Many an investor have fallen prey to the dark side of crypto and if this continues, it can only deter mass adoption of Web3. Users will become more wary of investing in crypto projects that are legitimately making the world a better place, and could even miss our groundbreaking investments that would translate to financial freedom.

This is quite the dilemma but fortunately, there is a crypto project that has recognized this drawback and is actively working to fix it. Nova Finance is a DeFi asset-management protocol that devised a system for cryptocurrency specialists to create crypto portfolios for use by less experienced investors.

Nova, in essence, allows you to deploy portfolios with built-in automated rebalancing strategies and yield generation directly onto the blockchain. By putting your assets on the blockchain, you can manage them without relying on others for safe custody. Once that has been completed, automated rebalancing strategies take over to provide potions that have the potential to reduce downside risk or maximize gains even further.

The main objectives for Nova Finance include:

  • To make all types of digital value available.
    Cryptocurrency, stablecoins, representative tokens, NFTs, and other cryptocurrencies are all helping to shape the evolution of the internet of value. Nova’s role in this development is to make all of these available and to provide users with the necessary controls to navigate each of these asset classes.
  • To maximize user value at all times.
    With so much potential, it can be difficult for users to engage in the value internet and fully capitalize on the available opportunities. Most cryptocurrency users become perplexed when confronted with a plethora of options, each promising high returns. Nova’s framework and integrations are intended to provide users with as much value as possible.
    To advocate for automation over education.
  • Blockchain has come a long way in terms of usability, but there is still a long way to go. Although education has been a primary driver of user adoption, it is Nova’s belief that automation is a more beneficial focus. The simple truth is that few people are willing to devote the resources required to properly understand and maximize returns based on market trends. Nova allows users to receive value with as little education and steps as possible.

Finally, integrated yield generation opportunities will allow you to diversify and increase your income while your assets are idle and not being executed by rebalancing strategies. Nova provides a dual-sided earning potential as a result of this. Portfolios will be able to be used to mint nAssets, which are token representations of these portfolios. Assets can be used as forms of collateral and ways to trade and exchange value throughout the DeFi ecosystem. All of this can be attained using Nova’s programmable asset management framework.

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