Reasons Why OpenOcean is the Best Aggregator and How it Works

What is OpenOcean?

What problem does OpenOcean solve?

How Does OpenOcean Work?

  1. All exchange prices are aggregated by OpenOcean, which then chooses the optimum way to trade based on price and slippage.
  2. OpenOcean uses the D-star algorithm, an improved version of the Dijkstra algorithm, to discover the initial trade route. It then uses machine learning to improve the path. OpenOcean Atlantic was published in October of 2021. An updated algorithm and other protocol enhancements are included in the new release.
  3. OpenOcean communicates the prices to the user and execute trades.
  4. There is no charge for using the aggregator protocol, and traders simply have to pay the normal blockchain gas and exchange costs for doing transactions.

Why OpenOcean?

  1. It finds the best route for your trade across centralized and decentralized exchanges and even cross-chain.
  2. It has the highest trading efficiency with its improved algrithms that results in less slippage, faster response times and optimizing routing to achieve lower gas fees.
  3. It helps to maximize capital efficiency with one-stop derivativestrading by opening positions on multiple derivative protocols simultaneously.
  4. Users can take advantage of its full aggregated ecosystem with arbitrage opportunities found within spot and futures trading across DEXs and centralized exchanges.

In Conclusion,




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