Reasons why OpenOcean is the best option for crypto swaps.

Hello, OpenOcean lovers, today we will be talking about reasons why OpenOcean is the best option for crypto swaps.

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The concept of a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries to provide traditional financial instruments, but instead employs smart contracts on blockchains, has completely revolutionized the financial world and placed control of financial transactions in the hands of the actual parties involved in the transaction.

DeFi (decentralized finance) has basically changed how we perceive finance. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the DeFi world is expanding and at a fast pace too. As the days go by, users are getting to see an increasing number of blockchain networks and liquidity sources, such as DEXes.

Using any of these networks can prove to be quite costly at times and even confusing to navigate. That is why OpenOcean is offering something much better than any other network can; the best rates to be found in the market with the highest trading efficiency. This they make possible by aggregating decentralized and centralized exchanges across multiple chains. This article is specifically targeted at convincing you, the esteemed readers, that OpenOcean is truly the best option for crypto swaps.

  • At the forefront of every decision OpenOcean makes is the goal to give the best rates, which ultimately lead to users getting the best returns on every deal. You can be confident in the knowledge that, regardless of the blockchain network you trade on or the trading pair you seek, OpenOcean provides the best returns among aggregator competitors.

Furthermore, OpenOcean offers better prices than DEXes because it has access to significantly more liquidity than a single DEX, resulting in better prices and lower slippage. OpenOcean also has a greater number of tradeable tokens than DEXes.

  • Another interesting fact is that, for DeFi users, OpenOcean offers a transparent pricing mechanism that does not charge any additional protocol transaction fees. Regardless of the fact that they offer a superior routing algorithm and extensive liquidity, community members will never be charged any fees.

Traders can now enjoy a cheaper alternative to the industry standard of 0.25 percent or higher thanks to the introduction of OpenOcean Liquidity Pools. Trading fees for swaps with OpenOcean Liquidity Pools are flat at 0.2 percent, with 0.15 percent going back to liquidity providers and 0.05 percent going to the treasury.

  • OpenOcean currently has the most chains of any aggregator. ParaSwap supports four chains, 1inch supports five, Matcha supports six, but OpenOcean supports a whopping 13 chains and that’s including the recently added Arbitrum, Boba, Gnosis Chain (formerly xDAI). There are still many other projects in the works at the time of this writing.

This also implies that they have the most tradable assets, with over 75 aggregated resources. Furthermore, because they have more chains than other aggregators, users can quickly switch between chains without worrying about liquidity.

  • Lastly, OpenOcean offers a generous referral program in which referrers receive a 10% rebate on their referral recipient’s trading fees and referral recipients receive a 5% rebate on their trading fees. It should be noted that different terms apply to Ethereum chain trades; for more information on the program and how to get started, see this article.

OpenOcean really has the best for its users in mind. From providing a full and enjoyable trading experience to offering the best returns, every detail of their system seeks to give the optimal performance. That’s not even the end of it; plans are in the works to allow OOE to be used for gas fees in the future. Staking OOE will also grant you access to VIP services such as airdrops, NFTs, and much more. The future is really bright !







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