Reasons why you should participate in the Spores Network Staking Campaign


Reasons why you should participate.

  1. Long-term investors will be pleasantly surprised by the Maturity Return of 80%.
  2. You’ll be able to get early access to Spores Network’s next drop with special prices and promotions as part of the Loyalty Program.
  3. Those who join the Medium Term Staking Pool on Spores Network will be able to take advantage of two special offers available for a limited time.
  4. Spores Network will give away one first-edition Spores x Super BOOMi loot box for every new stake of 100,000 SPO.
  5. Every 2.5K SPO staked will grant an entry into a lottery drawing for the chance to win one of a hundred Super BOOMi loot boxes.
  6. To participate in the Staking Competition, stake your SPOs today! (Minimum entry amount is 50K SPO)


1st Prize: (5) first-edition Spores x Super BOOMi loot boxes


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