1. BLOCKCHAIN: Blockchain is an information-recording system that makes changing, hacking, and cheating difficult or impossible. A blockchain is simply a digital transactions directory that is copied and disseminated on the blockchain throughout the whole computer network.
  2. DEFI: DeFi is a system in which software developed on blockchains allows buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers to communicate with one another or with a completely software-based intermediary rather than a corporation or organization mediating a transaction.
  3. ROSEON FINANCE: Roseon Finance is a fully integrated application for a task that brings DeFi’s universe to the public. The software has been particularly developed to simplify starting your crypto adventure for individuals who do not understand DeFi. Users may begin their DeFi trip quickly with a few clicks, and participate in various stakes or pools to gain benefits.
  4. DEFINA FINANCE: Defina finance is a unique blockchain game that mixes DeFi’s and NFT’s concepts and players may fight using a strategic card game in epic fights. Each game allows players not only to fight with the Play to acquire models, but also to earn $FINA, the native tokens of Defina. The tokens can be used to participate in various pools and to reward users.

This partnership brings a range of advantages for both platforms and its users. And the benefits are listed below:

  1. Where Defina produces the optimal NFT and DeFi game scenario, Roseon Finance has the optimum user base to drive Defina onto the front lines of blockchain and NFT gaming.
  2. Roseon Finance and Defina Finance can take advantage of their respective marketplaces by connecting the NFT side, thus opening new avenues for the minting of NFTs, including trading in their markets.
  3. Roseon Finance will provide Defina exclusively its consultancy services. Roseon has significant expertise in creating lovely surroundings and interfaces that can assist Defina. In addition, Roseon’s many collaborations have also exposed Roseon beyond its borders to gaming, NFTs and DeFi which could potentially be groundbreaking for Defina Finance.
  4. Roseon also plans to give Defina and her $FINA token different token assistance, including a staking programme. There is also a double-reward scheme, which includes two kinds of incentives for one currency.

The Roseon Finance financial freedom movement always acknowledged the relevance of the core DeFI and NFT concepts and has therefore decided to extend this time’s reach and partner with Defina Finance, a decentralized gaming platform devoted to connecting the DeFi, NFT and gaming worlds, all rolling into a single package.






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