(aiming to make it simple for people to get started with cryptos, notably NFTs and DeFi, in order to create a new source of passive income)

Deborah Crystal
3 min readSep 28, 2021



Roseon Finance is a platform that aims to make cryptocurrency more accessible to the general public. Through its user-friendly app, the platform makes it simple for anyone from all walks of life to participate in the crypto boom. It eliminates the complex and confusing design that many crypto apps have with a UI that looks like any other standard software.

Simultaneously, the team has built a solid crypto handling system in the background that handles all of the time-consuming staking and farming options.

Roseon Finance also operates an NFT marketplace where users can buy and trade rare art and other items encoded in the tokens. The NFTs can be purchased and sold to generate additional cash for Roseon users.

With the rise in popularity, digital coins have drawn the attention of people all over the world. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding in the crypto community, from what cryptocurrencies are to financial advice that is misleading, scams, and con artists. This is where the FOMO Chronicles partnership comes in.


FOMO Chronicles is a well-known NFT and storytelling platform that creates highly engaging Manga comics with Japanese-style graphics. The FOMO Chronicles concentrates on cryptos, NFTs, and DeFi in order to counteract disinformation, unlike conventional Manga with diverse and varying stories. At the same time, the platform promotes safe and secure artists, projects, and other sites for crypto aficionados.

FOMO Chronicles has recently released graphic manga novels that illustrate common concerns that new and seasoned crypto users confront, as well as the challenges they face.

Each issue of the FOMO Chronicles is minted as an NFT and will be available for everyone to enjoy the stunning graphics and compelling plot. Simultaneously, the stories will assist people in understanding and educating themselves about the difficulties and malpractices prevalent in the crypto world.


Roseon Finance and FOMO Chronicles Partnership

Although the services provided by FOMO Chronicles and Roseon Finance appear to be clearly different at first look, they have a lot in common. Both are aiming to make it simple for people to get started with cryptos, notably NFTs and DeFi, in order to create a new source of passive income.

In this aspect, Roseon’s capacity to make things simple and FOMO’s purpose to combat fraud and disinformation are a good match, and both have something to offer each other – and ultimately their users. Both platforms have confirmed that they will partner in this regard.

Roseon Finance has committed to investing in the growth and expansion of FOMO Chronicles so that they can continue to provide high-quality content as part of the collaboration. Roseon Finance will have its own Manga tale on FOMO Chronicles at the same time; the official Roseon mascot will be featured in the plot and will be integrated into the FOMO Chronicles game.

Roseon Finance will host a FOMO & Roseon Finance Gleam Giveaway to mark this significant collaboration. A free FOMO Chronicles NFT will be given to five lucky winners. Winners will be chosen from a pool of Gleam lottery participants, and each winner will get a 3500 $OTAKU airdrop.

Roseon Finance, like you, wishes to see blockchain and NFT become as mainstream as the internet one day. But, in order to do so, we must all work together to weed out those who impede the process for selfish or malicious reasons. The partnership between Roseon Finance and FOMO Chronicles helps to achieve this goal while also developing a series of quality NFTs that are useful to individuals who own them.






Deborah Crystal