$SZO Token is now on Uniswap

Hello friends ! It is a brand new year, a year with endless prospects and opportunities. This is has never been truer for the ShuttleOne Network. The network was really active in the final months of last year, dishing out updates and events with every blink of the eye.

What else would you expect from a project offering the first ever Metachain, a multi-chain aggregator through which businesses and applications can consolidate their products into a single interface ?

The year 2022 is already showing heavy promise as the $SZO token has been listed on Uniswap exchange ! This is just another mark on the achievement board of the token as Uniswap joins a long list of exchanges that $SZO can be found on. Keep in mind that $SZO token holders are also investors in Shuttleone’s Metachain, which aims to create a platform where dApps and Web3 are interoperable across various blockchain networks. For those eager to start trading with $SZO on Uniswap, here are some tips:

• First of all, head down to Uniswap exchange. You can click HERE

• Then connect your wallet and add $wSZO.

• The next step is to choose the receivable token by clicking on ‘Swap Token’

• As this might be your first time doing this, the $wSZO token may not come up. So click on ‘Manage Token Lists' to add a new token, you can then paste the $wSZO smart contract in the provided space.

$wSZO smart contract: 0x5538ac3ce36e73bb851921f2a804b4657b5307bf

• Finally, you confirm the addition by clicking on ‘Import’. That’s all you have to do to start swapping $wSZO on Uniswap.

The logical step after adding the option of swapping wrapped $SZO on Uniswap is to actually start trading so here is how you go about it;

• Choose the pair you want to use in the transaction, say USDT/wSZO.

• Input the amount you wish to buy/sell.

• Confirm the order, it is as simple as that. Immediately the transaction is completed, you will receive wSZO in your wallet.

How to add $wSZO in your Metamask wallet

Here are the steps to follow in order to add wrapped $SZO on a Metamask wallet;

• Firstly, go to your Metamask wallet.

• Click on ‘Add Token

• Then you click on ‘Custom Token’ and fill the required space with this contract address – 0x5538ac3ce36e73bb851921f2a804b4657b5307bf, setting Decimals at 18.

• Lastly, click on the ‘Add Custom Token’ option and you’re ready to go. With these easy steps you have successfully added $SZO in your Metamask wallet.

In conclusion,

ShuttleOne is really looking to shake things up in this new year and the listing of $SZO on Uniswap is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch out as things are definitely going to get hot ‼ Stay tuned as more updates will be dropped as they occur.



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