The native token of the EpiK Protocol is “EPK,” with a total supply of 1 billion. Full circulation is expected to take 50 years from the start of EpiK’s Mainnet.


EpiK Protocol is a collaboratively-created, trusted, and secure decentralized knowledge graph collaborative platform with sharing benefits, comprised of five core participants:

  • Knowledge Nodes (KNs)
  • Knowledge Gateways (KGs)
  • Bounty Hunters and
  • EPK holders.


This basically consists of the Knowledge Experts and the Bounty Hunters. Both are there to ensure the quality of data within the knowledge graph.

• Knowledge Experts (KEs)

KEs are the only ones allowed to upload Knowledge data in the system. To allow for data accuracy, supervision of the KEs’ work by the global community is done by disclosing the information on the KEs which can traced back to the respective KEs.

 Voting

New KEs can be nominated by existing KEs and while in the nomination stage, cannot nominate any other KEs. When a nominee receives more than 100,000 EPK community votes, he or she is immediately promoted to a KE, with the ability to nominate other experts and upload knowledge to EpiK’s Knowledge Vault.

 Returns

The KEs' returns are directly proportional to the amount of knowledge they contribute. The system will allocate 9% of each block reward to KEs based on the quantity of data contributed. By default, after the KEs are successfully elected, they will accept the rules and regulations of the "EpiK Protocol Knowledge Expert Commitment" issued by the EpiK Protocol Foundation.

• Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters contribute to EpiK’s ecosystem by assisting KEs in the process of knowledge extraction, fusion and refinement sp as to generate knowledge.


One of the requirements of the EpiK Protocol’s knowledge graph is the storage of knowledge in a tamper - proof environment, and decentralized storage technology is the most innovative and efficient solution for storing this knowledge permanently over time.


The primary and most important task at hand is to maintain access to EpiK’s Knowledge Graph. As a result, the network’s total bandwidth will be limited at all times.


EpiK Protocol aspires to create an unending knowledge vault by combining decentralized storage and decentralized crowdsourcing to create a global collaborative decentralized knowledge graph.

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