The Future for Nova Finance

  1. Third Party Integrations
    Nova will continue to develop its integration and connectivity capabilities with various asset classes, functionality, and protocols. The team will also make it easier for other developers to use and interact with the Nova Finance Protocol, allowing them to provide more value to their own user base.
  2. Multi-Chain Functionality
    The importance of Nova’s programmable framework stems from the breadth of functionality and access it can offer users. As a result, it is critical that Nova expands support for a broader range of assets and blockchains in order to provide maximum value to the users.
    EVM compatibility and deployment will be a major priority in Nova Finance’s expansion and the assets it supports. But even so, due to the cost and efficiency limitations on certain EVM compatible chains, care will be taken when selecting chains and available functionality to ensure a high quality user experience.
  3. Meritocratic Voting
    Governance in the blockchain space has seen a variety of experiments and versions emerge in recent times, including quadratic voting, incentivization, and delegation models. However, Nova believes that there is still room for improvement in decision-making models.

In Conclusion,

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